How Life Becomes Easier? – Warren Buffett Two Lists Story

Warren Buffett two lists story

With over $70 billion fortune to his name, Warren Buffett is often ranked among the richest people in the world. From monetary aspect, he knows how daily exploits the best of its time. Now, with this Warren Buffett two lists story, you have chance to learn how to live your life as happier and easier. […]

Are You In The Right Place? | Life Lesson Story

Life lesson story

If you are disappointed from your life and you have skills and abilities, but they are not so useful – get some inspiration and motivation from some story, quote or motivational speech. You have to learn new things in life, so it’s normal to be disappointed sometimes, but you don’t have to give up. There […]

Are You Afraid From Competition? Success Story

successful farmer story

Everyone that’s starts a business or something similar wants to be completely into that. In this story we are telling you about one farmer with an experience. Even that he has bad conditions, he have ambition to be better than his concurrent who have way more money. So, this successful farmer story starts with: One successful […]

Nothing Worth Havin Comes Easy | True or Not?

nothing worth comes easy

Have you ever wondered what if the success has a price? The answer is NO! Just because for you to come to the priceless things which you can’t buy with money actually is a little bit harder. And also, nothing worth comes easy. You can buy a book, but you can’t buy brain. You can […]

Nothing Comes Overnight Without Fighting from your Side

nothing comes overnight

Nothing comes overnight We all know that to have perfectness in the world is very hard, nobody’s perfect and we are all different. And also you must know that nothing comes overnight. There is two types of people. First one are the one’s who can control their dreams and the second one’s are just dreaming […]