One of the most common reasons business failure is the habit of giving up, because of some moment of failure or obstacle. Every human in a particular moment in it’s life has made that mistake. (Don’t be like those humans!)

In the mad time of looking for gold, one of the persons who was looking for, it was infected by the gold rush, so he decided to go on west and start digging to enrich. He had not heard that from the people’s mind you can dig more gold than ever people digged out from the ground actually.

He marked his piece of ground tooked the digger and shovel and started digging. For few weeks hard work he was prized with the shining ore. For digging her up from the ground he needed machines. Without making a big noise he buried the location he founded and headed back to home.

When he got back, he told his story to his relatives and some of his neighbors that he found gold. They found money together and they have sent the machines to the location.

He used one of the common reasons business failure..

First wagon gold ore was digged and took to the smelter. The results have shown that we are talking about one of the most beautiful locations. Just few more wagons will afford them to cover all the debts they had. And then time for making more and more money is coming.

While they where digging hard, their hopes where reaching the top. And than suddenly something happens. The gold wire disappears… They reached the end of the rainbow and the pile with gold was not there anymore. They digged again to come to the gold wire again, but it was vainly. In the end the decided to give up. (Big mistake and that was one of the common reasons business failure.)


Remember why you started. Don’t give up, find a way!

Don’t give up! Your miracle is on the way.


But what happens after that?

The Massimo (tribe) people has sold the ground for waste, for few hundred dollars and with train returned home. The worker on the waste called a mining engineer to take a look on the location and make some calculations. The engineer has found that the owners have failed because they didn’t know for the sand wires and the gold wire is just three steps from the place they gave up and decided to stop the mission.

On that place was found the gold wire. The worker on the waste gained millions of dollars from the gold ore because he was enough smart to look for a tip from professional before he used some common reasons business failure like giving up.


Sacrifices are not in the vain. At the end, everything will pay off.

One day everything will be worth it!



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