What is dedication and why you need it so much? Do you have something that you love so much? Do you have some dream and goal that you live to achieve? And if you have, are you dedicated so much to them, and you work hard to achieve? If you have some goals and dreams, no matter how big that dreams are – you need to be very dedicated to them.

If you want to achieve them, you must work hard and no giving up. You must be very dedicated to that work until you achieve it. You WILL achieve it one day, but you can’t know what day will be. So, you must stay focused, disciplined, dedicated to your goal. The target won’t go away, but waiting for you. It’s on you whether you keep fighting until you reach the target or you will give up.

Many of you have dreams to become a successful in some sport, but also many of you don’t try hard because you don’t believe in yourselves. Some of you aren’t dedicated to your sport activity because you think that you will succeed even without that. That’s very wrong. You will let the years go, while waiting to succeed without hard and dedicated work. DON’T DO THAT! Instead of waiting, stand up and start training hard. Don’t let the years go, because one day you will regret!

If you think you are too fat, or you are really fat, don’t sit in front of your TV or Computer while eating unhealthy food. Stand up, go outside and start running, go to gym, eat healthy food. You can reduced weight, but you need dedication for that.

Nothing comes over night, but nothing is impossible! Maybe it’s hard, but also it’s POSSIBLEFor any success what the most need is DEDICATIONYou should remember that. You can change the world, if you want to know how click here and here.

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