Derek Redmond, a young British runner, isn’t a name that conjures up memories of Olympic gold medalists. In fact, his efforts at the Olympics were officially recorded as “race abandoned.” But it‟s Derek who defines the essence of the human spirit, and his determination to finish his race won the hearts of millions of fans.

Well, at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, In the middle of the semi-final race the dreams of one of the sprinters – Derek Redmond for  an Olympic medal got crushed by a debilitating hamstring injury, but while most athletes would just give up and submit to defeat, bend over and cry, Derek was determined to cross the finish line, to finish what he started. So he picked himself up off the ground and started hobbling towards the finish lane. Then, just when it seems he might not be able to continue because of the pain, Redmond’s dad forces his way onto the track and puts his arm around his son, who cries on his shoulder as the two finish the race together.

If you have goal, you need to go until you achieve it! Never mind what will happen to you or the kind of obstacle you encounter. Don’t give up! This is one of the best motivational story!