I don’t know where to start… I haven’t posted article like this for a while. I’ve started to work on many things and some of them worked, some not. I achieved many things and goals that I wanted, and I’m happy about it. But also, there are a lot of things that aren’t achieved yet. I still work hard to achieve my big goals, as well as my friend. We’re hustling everyday and every night.

We made few Android puzzle games for exercising your brain. As I said, I (we) started to work on a lot of new things and I just want to share with you these games. They can be really helpful because of their educational type, simultaneously interesting and very fun.

If you want to support us, download them, play them and if you like – rate them. Link for download:

We started new gaming YouTube channel, new website about health and nutrition with another YouTube channel with another friend. I looked big future in that because we have a lot of great ideas. We started posting our own articles, making own YouTube videos and we started getting a lot more traffic, unlike when we started this website Life Inspiration. That was like that because we had a lot of experience from this site. When we started Life Inspiration we were 100% new at this. Because of that, we made a lot of mistakes and we learned a lot from that mistakes.

Everything was cool, until the 3rd friend have gave up. He worked on the videos and writing articles, and me and the other friend (the other owner of this website) we worked on arranging the articles, SEO, marketing, design and everything that was needed. I was most focused on the Pinterest account which in that time doesn’t bring us traffic.

“Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”

However, that friend started this just to make money as fast as can. When he saw that is not that easy and that we are working 2 months and still we don’t have enough money to withdraw and spent – he gave up. Couple days after he quit this, we’ve started getting about 80% more traffic than before and all from Pinterest.

What I want to tell you with this story is: when you start something, work hard on it and don’t give up. Maybe you may not have results right away, but you’ll definitely have in the near future. There’s no escape from that.

I wanted to write this inspire story, to motivate, inspire you and prove you again why you don’t have to give up. No matter what’s happen to you, what’s happen to your business, you just need to keep going and never give up. And I hope it is inspirational and useful. If it is, feel free to share it with your friends, so they can get inspired too. Stay strong, stay humble and keep going that path that you started!