Inspiring story success

How do you feel when you will get through bad things in your life? Do all that things affects your behavior, get down your mood and you feel broken? Broken heart, even if its broken it’s still beating right? Also the wishes we have which are hidden deep inside us, maybe they are not come true yet… But that wishes can come true, if we don’t look on the things like they are possible only in the movies. Also, some of the inspiring story success on the movies are based on the real stories.

What brokenness is? Does that supposes to mean that if it’s broken can’t be fixed? How many of us can afford not showing that they are broken, wear a smile even they have a huge heaviness inside them? The tension which is inside, you can never estimate just basing on the shining external on the first look. It’s on us how we are going to feel after the bad things we’ve passed in our life. Bad experience is a sign which shows that we don’t have enough experience in our life. A lot of us would give up because of one bad experience. But remember that nobody is perfect, nobody was born knowing everything, everyday we learn and we are facing new challenges, and not having enough experience should motivate us to move on.

Brokenness that everybody have tasted, for some people was passing, but for the cowards which after the brokenness didn’t gave itself another chance and they didn’t looked for an alternative solution was only a bitter side in their life. Not knowing that everything is passing they decided to give up.

Actually, they are too pride to look for some help or advice, because they thing that they are losing their time. They are not cowards, they are just type of people which are very pride. They think that they know everything, that why they don’t need someones help but their own. One proverb says “Bowed head can pass through whole king army, but up straight head would be cut”.