This is one story of famous singer, of course it’s Justin Bieber life story, read carefully why you don’t need to give up!

This is how I think of Justin, a sweet and caring person. But how did he get discovered? There’s too much to it. But his love for his fans is going to earn him more than just staying famous. This is the Justin Bieber life story.

Justin Bieber was born in a small town in Canada called Stratford. He lived below the poverty line, mostly because his parents divorced a few after he was born. Afterward, his father left his mother on her own to raising Justin. Pattie [his mother] decided to keep Justin’s last name [Bieber] from Jeremy [his father]. It was tough growing up but Justin amused himself by banging on things in the house and making beats. His mother finally bought him a drum-set, but Justin is left handed so it made it challenging. Good thing Justin doesn’t mind challenges at all.

Justin basically took time to learn how to play and decided to enter a competition in singing. At 12 (years old) he won in second, which is amazing since he trained himself and the others basically were taught vocal lessons (etc.) Justin found out that YouTube was the best way his family and friends can see how he did, since they couldn’t come. People started watching his videos and subscribed to him on his YouTube page and he got thousands of hits!

Scooter Braun was actually on YouTube listening to someone sing, when he saw the “Related Videos” section and, with curiosity, clicked the video. Little did he know that he just clicked on Justin’s video. He was blown away of how great Bieber can sing, and so he did contacting with his family. At first, they wanted to keep Justin a normal kid, but Scooter convinced them. They moved to Atlanta, and (with his nice and sweetness) Justin had no problem making new friends.

Basically, they started working on making Justin famous and soon they released “One Time” that got people going crazy! People all over started liking him and eventually he released “One Less Lonely Girl” that helped him stay famous. People loved the beats of both songs, and then it was an easy flow after that. Justin is still living his dream, and at 17… this is just the beginning… and he’s doing it all on his own…

Hard Facts to Process Through

Jeremy has a criminal record for assault, and used to be in trouble with the police all the time. He’s been in prison multiple times and Justin’s grandfather wanted Justin to stay away from Jeremy when he was younger, as he thought he was a bad influence. Pattie used to take drugs and alcohol, and her mom and herself were abused by her dad when she was a teenager and at the age of 17 she became pregnant. They lived in a squashed flat with mice and many other problems. Justin’s bed doubled up as a sofa. He spent most of his time with his grandparents and Ryan Butler’s family. Pattie suffered migraines and sometimes Justin had to look after himself. Justin was bullied in school because Jeremy was a criminal and he was poor. The other kids were jealous because he was so good at sports and Justin ignored the hate (not much changed here then?) and people STILL have the nerve to say he had an easy life? He’s so STRONG! Most kids in that position would be in jail by now. I hate to think that if Justin hadn’t been found by Scooter he could be in the same position as his parents. Very nice Justin Bieber life story.

Yeah, you may curse his name now, but a few years ago Justin Bieber was nearly miserably poor. According to Bieber himself, before becoming famous he grew up in a rat-infested home with an empty fridge. He had to sleep on a pull-out couch and lived off a diet consisting mostly of macaroni and cheese. Today, he’s worth around $65 million. That was the Justin Bieber life story, unbelievable, but true!