We all want to make some extra cash and we are trying to find some way. These days are very easy to make money and to become millionaire, but you just need to find something and work on it. But, the problem is that someone finds a way, someone don’t and I am in those who have found some legitimate ways make money.

Don’t waste the free time aimlessly, but work on something, make some extra cash with my tips. So, check this few legitimate ways make money and give them a try. Also, we have another legitimate ways make money, the 3 best online jobs for making not just extra cash, but really a lot of money!

These are the 5 best legitimate ways make money:

1. If You Are Amazon Shopper, This Company Will Give You $39 for Free

I know, it’s unbelievable to you, but it’s real, it’s not a mistake. If you’re an Amazon shopper (which most of us are), you will earn money each month only for contributing to research to help companies understand what people are buying online.

All you need is to download the Shoptracker and connect it to your Amazon account. Also, this company will instantly send you a free $3 Visa gift card and another $3 for every month if you keep it installed.

2. Earn $30 With Watching and Liking YouTube Videos

Yeah, and this is real. You can make money with watching videos. Check the InboxDollars and they will actually pay you just to watch videos.

All the videos are sponsored by some brands who need to get them more views as possible. So, every time you watch some of the ads, InboxDollars will give you little bit of cash. You need to watch more videos for more cash, of course.

The other nice thing is that you’ll get a free $5 just for signing up.

3. Make $30 Per Hour for Testing Websites

All of us are commenting on how some websites are bad and others excellent. With this company that is called User Testing you can make money with telling to the owners of the sites what’s bad and what needs to change. Yeah, you need to do just that, and you will earn money.

The process is simple: you need to download some software and then when tasks are available, look over a website while your mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, and spoken comments are all recorded as a video. Then there might be a few questions that you need to answer, but the whole process is about 15 minutes or sometimes less.

4. Start a Blog or Website

If you love writing and are passionate about a specific topic, then starting a blog is a great way to start making extra cash. Also, the blog or website can bring you a lot of money if you work hard and smart. All you need to get started is a domain name, if you don’t have programming skills, you can go with some platforms like WordPress, Joomla or some other, and you need a head full of ideas to share.

The money are coming when you monetize your blog or website with some company like Google AdSense, Adf.ly, AdCash, Amazon Affiliate Program, Chitika and much other.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This way is something like the previous, but you don’t need blog or website, but if you have, it would be much better. If you’re active on social media and have a large following – you could parlay those connections into some fast cash with a comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy. With becoming an affiliate marketer, you’ll sell items through your own links tied to sites like Amazon.com, ClickBank.comCommission Junction and other. This is great way to make money.