The size of a man consists not in how much we are prepared mentally to face physical, but the size of the man is strong enough to sustain when it is unbearable to prove, that you when you have to when things and looking at possible when the thing you need to change your life. Make change!

Regardless of that something is obscure and it is impossible not actually need word impossible to use because it is the only kind of doubt feel broken lest we can improve things if we believe that it is impossible. Impossible is for cowards because they believe in it and do not attempt to realize his plan to make those things for others is impossible to become reality become myth fear what you do not have enough friends like you.

Do you ever worry that question because if I had all the same opinion and if I had all the same taste what would be the world whether you ever wondered? Do you have an answer to whether we should all be the same so we can not agree? Just because of that? And as to those considering other and think that things are possible and many others would have said it was impossible what would you say to that? Do we think that different from others are stupid or may not live in reality? It may be from another planet right? Any kind of question I ask, but the truth is that a man or two can change things a lot more than those who are without number and have the same thinking just because all of a number no longer changes things and you all have come to believe that and we do not believe the things I told many that are impossible from us to fear. Always remember to make change in your life!