Nothing comes overnight

We all know that to have perfectness in the world is very hard, nobody’s perfect and we are all different. And also you must know that nothing comes overnight. There is two types of people. First one are the one’s who can control their dreams and the second one’s are just dreaming them, which makes a big difference. Perfection either way can’t exist, but in that person’s which believe in their self and in life changes can come.

Let’s get back in the childhood…

Do you remember the time when you’ve being trying to walk – you were falling down, and on that way every time you owned a success. Every fall was on the higher step. Sometimes you we’re falling on the second step, but how the time passes you were ready to make a lot of steps more. How’s responsible for that? Why do we have to look on the things like they are impossible and remain like that? There is one good pronoun:

“Everything that you want IS POSSIBLE!”

What happen with this? You’ve suddenly forgot it or you don’t want to believe? A lots of questions, but with no responses. And all of this, is because all the things you survive are easy and everybody can survive them. When I say that they are easy I meant that we always choose the easiest way. Why should we choose the easiest one? Because is more secure and easier? Why not to choose the harder one and less secure? How is life without risking? You want success overnight, but you don’t know that nothing comes overnight! (You can read this book about overnight success) Remember that you were the ones talking about when you have seen one person who haves a beautiful car and clothes. But that person have been fighting to become something rather than nothing. And you all want that things, but you just dream them.

In the end, have back on mind that the life we have is one and only and we have to live it better! But to be ” better” you have to fight very hard. Nothing comes over night and in the same time without fight.

nothing comes overnight

Nothing comes overnight