Are you afraid of falling or you are afraid of starting? Have you ever think to start something, but you were afraid what if you don’t succeed? I have been and I very regret about it. But, for me, that was a big life lesson and now I have overcome that fear. So, and you can also overcome fears.

I’m now very self-confident and proud that I finally overcome fears and now I can do whatever I want. I don’t think anymore about “what will other people say”, “what if I don’t succeed” or “what if I stay without money” and things like that. Here is why I don’t think about those things anymore:

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1. What will other people say?

It doesn’t matter at all what will other people say about something or about you. There are always people that will like you or your thing and people that don’t.

You don’t need to do the things that will everyone like you, but you need to do the things that you really like. You’ll never make all the people happy with your product or all the people like you, and that doesn’t matter also.

Do the things that make YOU happy, not others. This fear was the easiest fear to overcome. You just need to build a strong mindset and strong character.

I build that with a lot of motivation and inspiration, which you can find here on our website. Start thinking very positive about everything, start finding the reasons why you love yourself and when if you have some idea to start with something, START IT NOW! And don’t give up!

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2. What if I don’t succeed?

Have you ever thought of “what if I succeed”? If not, think about it now. As I mentioned above, always search for the positive things in every situation, not the negative.

Every situation and everything has positive and negative things, you just need to see more positive things. You’ll immediately see the results and you’ll see how much self-confidence and happiness you’ll gain.

I’m talking from experience, believe me. You have the idea, you overcome fears about what if you don’t succeed and you don’t worry about what other people will think, now you have just to start.

People who work and who are trying everything for success, always succeed. Maybe not immediately, but they are succeeding – remember that!

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3. What if I stay without money?

I have been without money a lot of times, and it’s hard of course. At some periods when you’re trying and give everything for your success, it’s not that bad if you stay without money.

Of course, you have some little cash and you thinking to invest that cash in your business – don’t think anymore, do it.

Half of the money you can invest and half keep for yourself. Don’t think about: “what if all invest fall and I stay without money”. You may now be without money, but the reward for that is big.

I know, maybe you’ll need more money for investing in your business or money for living, I’ve been through all of this. But don’t be afraid of that, you can some period work job until you get the amount of money that you need.

When you invest your money and you face life without money, you’re leaving your comfort zone.  The thing from what you need to be afraid of is, what if you get old and you don’t make the money that you dream for.

If you want more money, you have to give some cash first. You need to invest, maybe sometimes you’ll need to give everything that you have, but in the end, always you’ll be the winner.

Everything that you have given, you can have it back and you can have everything that you dream for. Leave your comfort zone, overcome fears and don’t be afraid to face life without money for some period.

Don’t think what if you invest all the money and you don’t have money now, but think about what if you don’t make the money that you dream of!

I’m writing these things from my experience, I have been through all these things and fears. I know everything and I’m 100% sure, that if you follow my “rules”, you will overcome fears, no matter what fear is and the path to success will open for you.

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