Some people are lucky and don’t need to relieve insomnia naturally, because they don’t have it. They can lay down and close their eyes at bedtime and wake up the next morning refreshed, with little memory of the time in between.

But many people aren’t so fortunate. If you are one of those struggling to sleep on a regular basis, know that thankfully, there is help. You can too relieve insomnia naturally once and forever.

There are many techniques to promote easier drifting off and a deeper, more continuous rest during the night. We’ll look at both natural and tech remedies worth adding to your sleep-promoting plan.

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Ready? Let’s get some sleep and relieve insomnia naturally forever.

Wind Down

One of our biggest mistakes that can contribute to insomnia is not winding down for bed. Sure, we watch TV or browse Facebook, but it’s important to really let your mind relax.

Weighting Comforts suggests doing a little journaling before bed to clear your mind, or you can meditate on your back porch to the gentle sound of crickets.

If you want to lie down and help yourself drift off, the Calm app is a great way to do this. The Calm app features a wide variety of sleep stories suitable for children and adults, and they are read by people with soft, soothing voices.

Sleep Deeply

If you tend to wake up in the night, this is often related to your sleep cycle which has a “shallow” period where we are closer to wakefulness. If your mind is stressed or you are very sensitive to sounds, you might even wake up every time you reach this phase.

Controlling your sleep environment can help a great deal. Try installing room-darkening window treatments to keep out any disruptive lights, and try the Relax Melodies app on your phone.

Relax Melodies has binaural beats, white noise, and soothing tunes, along with guided meditation to keep you get to sleep and stay asleep.

If snoring tends to wake you up, you can find out more about your snoring with the SnoreLab app, which records and then helps you analyze your snore. Or prove to your partner that they are the snorer! 

Wake Up Refreshed

That same shallow period of the REM cycle that leads to mid-sleep disturbances is also the perfect time to wake up refreshed instead of feeling groggy.

Used in conjunction with your iPhone, iPad, or Smart Watch, Neybox notes the Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app will help monitor your body’s patterns to identify when you enter the lightest sleep close to your intended alarm time.

Your device will then gently awaken you when your body is most ready.

Deep Sleep Supplies

Controlling your sleep environment and influences during sleep is a big part of getting better rest. Also, there are a number of easily accessible things that can help you sleep, depending on how you use them.

We suggest that the best combination of things might include soft, clean bedding, a steadily humming floor fan, a soothing scent, and a smartphone to make use of some awesome natural-remedy sleep apps.

If your phone is an older smartphone, it might not be able to accommodate some newer apps. Newer-version phones can run apps to your heart’s content and typically offer features like extended battery life so you don’t need to worry about them losing power right when you’re finally drifting off.

Feeling irritable and groggy is no fun for anyone. Thankfully, technology is a wonderful addition to natural sleep techniques when it is designed to soothe and understand how your sleeping can best be enhanced.

With well-chosen techniques and apps on your side, you can conquer insomnia and sleep deeply through the night.