Do you dread the end of the weekend, and start counting down to Friday the moment you walk through the doors Monday morning? If so, it’s possible you’re primed for burnout. Read on to find out how you can alleviate those negative feelings, and find more fulfillment and satisfaction in your endeavors, both at home and at work and remain successful.

Are You Burning Out?

Chances are you have heard and used the word “burnout” in casual conversation, but you might not realize it’s an actual health phenomenon. According to Science Alert, the World Health Organization now recognizes burnout as a serious health issue. Burnout is classified as a problem specifically related to workplace stress and can overlap with other concerns such as anxiety and depression. Symptoms of burnout include things like emotional exhaustion, lethargy, cynicism, and reduced productivity. It can affect how you feel about your life as a whole and reduce your quality of life in the short and long term. Burnout will not help you remain successful, remember this.

Health Consequences

On top of damaging your enjoyment and performance, burnout can have serious potential consequences to physical health. You can be at higher risk for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, and respiratory problems. Your mind’s health can also become damaged, with those who experience burnout at a higher risk for issues like depression and insomnia. It’s easy to see why it might be time to do something about burnout.

Take a Break

Insufficient relaxation can contribute to burnout, so with that in mind, why not schedule a vacation? Even a staycation can be a boon to your well-being, allowing you to get away from the daily rigmarole, and instead focus on family and fun. You can stay at a vacation rental to amp up the good feels without the stress of planning a long-distance getaway. When selecting your rental, pick a spot close to activities you would enjoy but don’t normally take time out for.

Turnkey points out that Los Angeles has plenty of options to keep you busy; for example, you can play in the sands of El Matador State Beach or head to Universal Studios. For something a little more exotic, spend a day at one of the area zoos. The pleasure of changing up your routine for a few days can refresh your perspective and help you feel more positive which is very important if you want remain successful.

Do a Detox

Are you continually plugged into technology, checking in morning, noon, and night, even on days off? That heavy attachment can become a burden, especially if you find yourself working when you should be playing. Beyond working too much, there can be issues relating to excessive time on games, social media, and the internet. If you’re continually checking one device or another, it might be time to do a digital detox. Try setting aside your devices at a certain time each day, and not picking them up when you aren’t on the job or for a specific purpose. With that in mind, your staycation will be a great opportunity to purge tech for a while!

New Coping Strategies

How you manage stress can make a big difference in your personal and professional well-being, and it can help to lower your risk for burnout. Consider adding some healthy coping strategies to your lifestyle. For instance, Alternative Daily points out that decluttering can help lower stress levels, and you get the bonus of being more organized and efficient.

Another idea is to play soothing music, or put on something upbeat to take your mind off things. If you have a dog or cat, spending time together is another opportunity to lower your stress levels. Even a pet fish offers stress-reducing benefits if you need a pet that’s less demanding.

If you’re teetering on the edge of burnout, take steps to improve your situation. Get away from it all, turn off technology, and incorporate healthy coping strategies into your lifestyle. You can discover more satisfaction with your career and personal life as a result and also remain successful.