Everyone that’s starts a business or something similar wants to be completely into that. In this story we are telling you about one farmer with an experience. Even that he has bad conditions, he have ambition to be better than his concurrent who have way more money. So, this successful farmer story starts with:

One successful farmer in one small and poor country, had an interview in one TV emission where they asked him about his job on the farm. The interviewer asked him:

  • With your machines and abilities you own, can you compete with the German farmer?

He look the interviewer, knowing that in machines hes way more lower than the German farmer, with a huge confidence answered:

  • Yes, I can be better than him, why not? I have two eyes same as him, two hands, two legs same as German farmer. We have no differences, so if he can made in something, why I can’t? Of course I can be better than the German farmer even if hes better with machines. Me with my technics about working, I can be better than any farmer.

And with this successful farmer story we want to tell you that no matter from where you come, what do you have and who do you have as your competition you shouldn’t give up.

Competition exists and always will exist, but we have to find a way to reach what we want. You have to be thankful to the competition, because if the competition is better than you, you will work hard to beat them. You will try to make anything to beat them and be better then them. With that hard work, you will not just beat them, you will beat and the old you. You will make yourself better then before and you will get to the another level.

You don’t have to be better than everybody else. You have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

I love the competition, no matter at what age.

Everything has a competition, no matter what we do. We could go outside and walk and see who walks the fastest. I don’t like losing and he don’t like losing.