When you ask yourself does love has a price and does it true, you will come to the conclusion that nowadays, everything depends on how the money you have in your pocket. But you’ll ask yourself, does that people are ready to give something from what they have, to someone that has nothing. How much you have doesn’t make you rich, but how much you’re prepared to give.

Like I said, nowadays love is only one fake hope that bothers us, young people. But if that love was true, no matter if is distant or close and no matter the age, love should have no price and obstacles no matter what.

I’ll get an example that was all over the web. That was a successful love story, which is a story about a couple in love. The guy lived from average salary which has squandered for his girlfriend to be happy.

He spent the last money for her, but in return, he received nothing. He only wanted to be loved by her. But sadly, she’ll go with another guy, who is richer than the other. And like we want to say all the time, “never say never” is the truest thing that exists.

After a few years, the same guy has a large company. That guy has become so successful. One day he’ll meet the old girlfriend, they’ll recognize each other and will start a conversation about what they do in their life.

The guy says that he isn’t married, because he can’t be in love with another girl and he’s heart is broken. She tells him that she’s married to a guy that earns a lot of money and that she is very happy.

Suddenly, her “rich” husband appears and he asks his wife how does she know that guy and he tells her that the guy is the boss where he works and that his company is so big and his glad to work there.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes and told him that he knows because he was her ex-boyfriend, which she broke up with him because he had no money.

The point is that life is unpredictable and you never know what will happen tomorrow, for one year or more. So, appreciate everyone and don’t judge what they’re now, because you don’t know what will be they in the future. Remember that successful love story, because it’s nothing only a story, but and life lesson.