The most important is that all that things that happen is for a reason that the universe for sure has a bigger and better plans for you..learn how to recognize universe signs symbols. If everybody choose the easiest way, you should go for the hardest way. We all dream everything to be easy and to get all stuff on the easy way, but that’s not our mission. Our mission is to pass all the negative things which come to our way and in the end to discover the true happiness when we get all.

Life is like a buying a car, we know our standard and from the beginning we now which car we can buy. If you want to have simple car (cheep) for example Yugo – that’s what you gonna have. Because buying that car is more real than buying a Jaguar. You ask yourself how to buy a Jaguar? Be sure that the people who have strong faith in self, they would never buy a Yugo! The universe will give him a better car from Yugo, that’s normal and always is better to fight for the things who are difficult to have. Isn’t it better to have three things who have quality, than to have 100 which don’t worth nothing but the number.

Don’t leave yourself to be easy, fight for the things that are more difficult to gain because that things are going to change your life. Work on something until something expensive don’t get cheap for you. And then, don’t give up even when you get there, because we have to fight in our life always like we are in the second place, so we can always be in the first place. Be first and feel like you are a second when you look in the mirror, the person you see every day let be your biggest rival.

recognize universe signs