With over $70 billion fortune to his name, Warren Buffett is often ranked among the richest people in the world. From monetary aspect, he knows how daily exploits the best of its time. Now, with this Warren Buffett two lists story, you have chance to learn how to live your life as happier and easier.

Well, this is the Warren Buffett two lists story, which you should read, remember and learn the lesson in it!

He knew that their employees often helps to reveal their priorities and he have them focus in career. One day on his personal pilot he gave him a drill in three steps, to help him understand which are his true priorities:

In the first step he told him to write down 25 goals that he wants to achieve in his career. So the pilot sat and wrote.

In the second step, he told him to conclude the 5 goals that are most important from that list. So the pilot has completed the 5 most important goals.

In the third step he had two lists, one list with the most important goals and another with the remaining 20 of the first 25. The pilot said he will immediately begin working to fulfill 5 targets.

Then Buffett asked him: “And what would you do with the remaining 20?” The pilot replied: “Those 5 goals are most important, the other 20 are also important, so I will work on them when I can and when I have time”.

Then Buffett told him that he everything misunderstood. That list of 20 things that remain becomes a list of things that should be avoided at all costs. No matter what, do not do things of the second list until they have met the first.

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Buy now: The Snowball – Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

The Lesson from the Warren Buffett two lists story: When you eliminate wasteful spending time and focus on the most important things, life becomes easier. We shape healthy habits easier and we become grateful for what we have achieved and what we have.